Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mankell, my dear

Well, in my last post I said I was putting Sue Grafton down, but read through to P is for Peril on the Kindle before I put it down. Then I decided to read my book club book (bonus!! it was free on Amazon to download to Kindle). But, overall I was disappointed. The plot was kind of interesting but I don't think it was well written, Oh, Oops! I guess I should actually mention what it is. The Dark Tide by Andrew someone. Anyway, it was even kind of cheesy in the love scenes. I could have written it better, which is not saying a lot for the book. Wouldn't reread it and wouldn't buy anything else by that author.
Then I had picked up a couple of Dick Francis books at Half-Price so I had to read those. One I really liked- The Straight. All about gems and the sale of gems. He is always so interesting. People complain that his books are all about horses, but I always learn something new and there is always some new area he delves into.
Now I am reading a non-Kurt Wallander story by Henning Mankell. The Return of the Dance Master. I'm almost through with it and I have no clue who the guilty party is. I love his books. I guess I identify with all the sad, struggling cops. Anyway,I have no clue what I am going to read many books, so little time.

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