Monday, May 31, 2010

Mankell, Grafton, etc.

I have to confess that I had to go back in to the last post and correct the spelling on that one. Don't know why but I have a mental block on Mankell's name. Hemming or Henning? Mankell or Mankel. I am usually so good about spelling. Oh, well, I guess I concentrate on my reading, not the authors or titles. I am really bad about those, too. I guess I read for content...
Anyway, liked the last Mankell, but not as much as the Wallander series. I think I just like the character so much. I really like the melancholy, angst-ridden characters! It was a little graphic and gory, but I usually gloss over that part anyway.
Back to Grafton. I went back and read Q is for Quarry. I thought by now the stories would start to seem familiar but not yet. I've read all of them but as they came out so it's been years since I read most of them. This is the one that is partially based on a true story, or inspired by it. It was good but different than her usual. She is not in her usual routine in her little garage apartment.
Now I am reading a Peter Robinson -his series with the English Alan Banks character. It's a newer one- can't think of the title (what a surprise!) but it is okay. I kind of know where this one is going though, and wish he would dump the new girlfriend.
The book club this month is supposed to read Don Quixote but frankly, too heavy for me right now. It requires more concentration than I am able to give it so I will set that one on the back burner.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mankell, my dear

Well, in my last post I said I was putting Sue Grafton down, but read through to P is for Peril on the Kindle before I put it down. Then I decided to read my book club book (bonus!! it was free on Amazon to download to Kindle). But, overall I was disappointed. The plot was kind of interesting but I don't think it was well written, Oh, Oops! I guess I should actually mention what it is. The Dark Tide by Andrew someone. Anyway, it was even kind of cheesy in the love scenes. I could have written it better, which is not saying a lot for the book. Wouldn't reread it and wouldn't buy anything else by that author.
Then I had picked up a couple of Dick Francis books at Half-Price so I had to read those. One I really liked- The Straight. All about gems and the sale of gems. He is always so interesting. People complain that his books are all about horses, but I always learn something new and there is always some new area he delves into.
Now I am reading a non-Kurt Wallander story by Henning Mankell. The Return of the Dance Master. I'm almost through with it and I have no clue who the guilty party is. I love his books. I guess I identify with all the sad, struggling cops. Anyway,I have no clue what I am going to read many books, so little time.