Thursday, February 25, 2010

Still Slacking

Okay, I'm still slacking. Not in the reading, but in the writing. Plus, I still feel self-conscious so... what can I say - a professional slacker. Any excuse will be used.
Didn't finish the Lincoln book. I just got too bogged down with the politics - and there's too much of that in real life. So I set it aside for a while.
I think my last posting I mentioned The Help rather condescendingly. I am so sorry. I really enjoyed it. At first I thought "how trite" and "I know just where this is going". Wrong. Loved it, raced through it. Wished there was a part 2.
Also, sometime ago I read The Gate at the End of the Stairs (or close to that- sorry I don't still have the book - it was a loaner and I'm too lazy to google or amazon it.) Excellent book as well, not predictable and I recommend it.
Okay, this month, the book club elected to hang tough and read three (yes, three!) Holocaust books. I was all for it, but I can say I am done with that subject for a while. They are: Frankl's "Man Search for Meaning" or some such, "Sarah's Key", and "Night" by Elie Wiesel. They all had good things to offer. My only complaint with "Sarah's Key" was that the little girl in the story - all she ever did was ask Why me? why here? Why this?, etc. I think it could have been better written. I think at some point when you are really going through something traumatic, you quit asking those questions and just focus on survival. So it was a little irritating for the umpty-ump time to read, Why me? etc. Night was good, and short and to the point, not too graphic - or at least it didn't belabor the horror, just stated this happened or that happened and that was it. I got Frankl's newer edition which has a whole second section on his logotherapy - a form of psychotherapy he developed as a result of his time in concentration camps, and I have to confess I read very little of it. I just was not into reading it at that point.
I have read some other books since I last posted so when I get organized (yeah, right) I will post again with my delicious literary morsels (gag me).

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Trip Master said...

Yikes! Three Holocaust books in a row?
That would make me depressed for a bit.