Saturday, November 14, 2009

Various and Sundry

Well, I've become self-conscious about writing this, so I didn't for a while. Now I can't remember what all I have read. Oops Italics again. I've read a couple more in the Kurt Wallender stories from Henning Mankell. Not sure why I am hooked on him, but I like his sad self-awareness. Then I read that Mankell has a gloom and doom view of what's happening to Sweden and the world and that's why he wrote them. I thought they were just good mysteries. The last one I read was The Pyramid which were sort of the backstories to the series.

I read about half of Jitterbug Perfume and just quit- I couldn't stand one more throbbing staff! Enough said.

Saw a great movie- very sweet and humorous. Lars and the Real Girl. I didn't think I was going to like it. I thought is would be more X-rated, but was glad to find that it was not. Not that it would matter just wasn't in the mood for hard-core.

Our next book club selection is The Education of Little Tree. The person who suggested it and loves the book was horrified to find out that the author reportedly had been a member of the KKK at one time. The book is supposedly heartwarming, etc. (hate that word) so we are going to read it for its own merits, whatever they are.
Enough for now. Just didn't want to feel guity about not writing.

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